Guide to Gauge Specification

Gauges serve to give information about the system so that the process can be operated within process design and safe parameters. Utilizing the wrong specification of gauges can result serious accidents. Gauges that do not suit to application will result inaccurate information, gauge damages, higher maintenance costs and potentially lead to injuries. The list of (…)

Temperature Gauge Selection

This is a guide to temperature gauge selection including the thermometer sensor and thermowell. By following what explained here you will discover how to define the best part used in temperature gauge that suits your need to. 1. Stem Temperature gauge‚Äôs stem is available in some offers pertinent to the connection to the thermowell or (…)

Cathodic Protection Calculation for Pipeline

Cathodic Protection Calculation for Pipeline is important section for steel construction to protect from corrosion. This is performed in engineering period. The calculation explains about how the cathodic protection will work to protect your asset from corrosion for stated time period. Cathodic Protection Calculation The first thing you need to determine when calculate cathodic protection (…)

How to Download .INF Printer Driver

This article show you “how to download .inf printer driver“. If you installed printer on a computer and shared it to a network to enable it could be accessed by other computer with different OS version especially Windows then you need to add or install the printer driver for different Windows version in .INF file (…)

How to Print PDF in Reverse Order in Adobe Acrobat

If you want to print document so that the result in sort by page number you need to use printing method to print in reverse orser. If you need to print Microsoft Word Docx then follow How to Print in Reverse Order in Word 2013. These steps show you How to Print PDF in Reverse (…)

How to Print in Reverse Order in Word 2013

These steps show you how to print in reverse order in Microsoft Word 2013. May be you already set the printer preferences to print reverse order so that the printed pages ordered as ordinal. However, what you set on printer preferences do not work, as I have experienced this myself. Here is the solution. Follow (…)