Instrument Specification Document

Instrument specification is one of the instrument deliverable documents. some of you may think why it is there while there is instrument data sheet that is more directly point to a device that you want to install to your project. This is important to know the philosophy of engineering sequence or life cycle. Especially if (…)

Instrument Hook Up Drawing Autocad

You can download the sample of instrument hook up drawing autocad below. The hook up drawing is a deliverable document that showing the sequence of parts with technical considerations for specific installation of field instruments. For example when installing DP Transmitter, the pressure tapping shall be taken on side or top of pipe with consideration (…)

Instrument Cable Block Diagram

Instrument cable block diagram is a drawing document that presenting the simple interconnection between every devices such as field instruments to junction box and junction box to marshalling cabinet or panel and even between panel to panel. The document form is drawing that showing the field instrument tag number, cable number, junction box number and (…)

Cable Insulation Resistance Test Values

There is a standard that we can use as a refference for cable insulation resistance test values. The values are approved for international use because these values are from International Electrical Testing Association. The cable insulation resistance test values give us refference when the insulation of cables is good or not, more than that usually (…)

Megger Test Results and Values

Megger test is a test conducted to determine the quality of the insulator of devices. This test is actually an insulator test of a device or cable. People often call it megger test is because the technicians often use the insulator test tool with the Megger brand. Though many brands of insulation device tests available (…)

Low Smoke Cable Test Due to Fire Case IEC 61034

Low Smoke Cable is governed by a standard that is IEC 61034. In the oil and gas industry, there are some companies that require certain conditions for cables that they use in electrical and instrumentation installations. One of them is for Low Smoke Cable. If you are an electrical engineer or instrumentation then you should (…)

Fire Resistant & Flame Retardant Cable Test

There is common cable specification in oil and gas industry. The cable specification describes about Fire Resistant and Flame Retardant Cable. Fire Resistant Cable Fire Resistant Cable is made to comply with IEC 60331. Testing this cable type shall comply to the condition below: Temperature: 750°C Duration: 90 minutes Cable under nominal voltage Results: no (…)

Conduit Fill Chart

Conduit Fill Chart is a reference to check how many maximum conductors of cables can be put in one single size conduit. If cables exceed the maximum of allowed number then they could struggle when first pulling work and higher potential to mechanical damage. Below is the Conduit Fill Chart for THWN and THHN cable (…)

Geothermal Heat Pump Cost

At this time, there are many users of geothermal heat pump especially in US. In this system the pumps work with the control system. We are going to discuss it because this system promises an economic value for the cost that we spend on daily energy consumption. With the development of effective technology it will (…)

Explosion Proof Junction Box and Panel, Engineers Should Understand!

Every electrical and Instrument engineer must understand about explosion proof junction box and panel if he will work for hazardous area (oil and gas). That is because he will face areas that have high risk of fire and explosion. An explosion proof junction box or panel is serving as a delimiter, while an explosion proof (…)