Excel Not Responding After Click Bold, Italic

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I have experienced the issue, that excel (2016) stop working in the Windows 11 and may be there are some people also have this issue on the Windows 10 or earlier versions, the excel not responding after click bold, italic or Ctrl + P (printing). After remembering a few things that could allow this to happen. finally came to a conclusion that could finally fix this problem. Here’s how:

The Microsoft excel not responding when using bold, italic or print, This is most likely caused by the default printer settings. the printer that is the default printer is not connected to your computer/laptop.

To overcome that, immediately change your default printer. The best option is to make “Microsoft Print to PDF” as your default printer. Follow this steps: Go to Setting > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners then click the “Microsoft Print to PDF” then click “set as default” on the top right of your screen.

Ok, I hope the problems you are facing related to excel not responding can be resolved.

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