Windows 10 Split Screen for Engineers Work Quicker

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As an engineer, you might check calculations or other works often and open several reference documents, open one and change to open another document in turn, again and again repeatedly.

Uh! Very tiring and dizzy! If you have more than one monitor of course it will not happen, you can open your primary work on the primary monitor and open the reference document on the secondary monitor. But how if you don’t have it, you just have the only monitor of your laptop or desktop? May this will help you out of the dizzy by following the steps below for you Windows 10 users.

Windows 10 Split Screen

Yes, Split screen! This guide is for Windows 10 users. I will show you how to split-screen, open multi apps on the screen and divide the screen neatly for the apps.

Step 1

Open some applications e.g. an MS. Excel doc, a PDF doc, File Explorer and Browser.

Step 2

Chose one of the opened files above and make it showed up on the monitor.

Step 3

Press the Window + Left arrow key, then it will be snapped to the left edge of the screen, and on the right will be the option of the opened app to snapped on the right edge of the screen, choose one. Now your screen is split into two proportionally and neat. You will get display as follow:

split screen image
Snapped app to the left (left) and an option (right)
window split to be 2 image
Screen splitted to be 2 neatly

Step 4

Choose the left one, and press Window + Up arrow key, it will be snapped up, and select one app on the option under it. Try to the right one until you get the screen split to be 4 as follows.

split screen windows 10 image
Screen is splitted to be 4 proportionally
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