HMB, The Process Data for Instrument Sizing

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HMB (Heat and mass balance) is a document that presents various process data variables in each stream. This document is generally produced
by process design engineers while preparing a plant design plan.

The HMB is presented in a table that explains the process data variables for each stream. Presentation of the HMB data is inseparable from the PFD (Process Flow Diagram) document, this is because the stream marker is written referring to the stream number in the PFD, and it can be said that the HMB document is a derivative of the PFD document.

The data in the HMB table is very important for the instrument engineer to produce instrument sizing documents. With complete and precise data
according to the planned case then it will produce an effective instrument size.

The following is an example of an HMB table that presents data from an oil well stream to pass through a pump.

HMB Table
Table 1. Heat and Mass Balance

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