Instrumentation and Control Jobs

instrument and control in oil and gas industry
instrument and control in the oil and gas industry

Instrumentation and control jobs are a pretty good career with a fairly high salary offer at the beginning of a career and get higher along with the experience they have.

Its roles and responsibilities include preparing engineering designs to carry out construction and commissioning.

Types of instrumentation and control jobs can be divided into several tasks, namely technicians, supervisors, inspectors, engineers, and managers.

Instrument and Control Technician Jobs

This job is at the earliest level. An instrumentation and control technician has the task of installing instrumentation equipment and verifying all, installed correctly, with reference to the design drawings made by engineers.

Instrument and Control Supervisor Jobs

This job is the second level. An instrumentation and control supervisor has a role as an installation manager. His job to ensure the installation job
carried out according to a specified schedule. He will report his work to the manager above him. An instrument and control supervisor must have
Sufficient experience and knowledge and career should ideally start with a technician.

Instrument and Control Inspector Jobs

This job also can be called the second level. An instrumentation and control inspector has the task of checking the results of the installation. All installation work will be checked according to agreed engineering principles and applied to design engineering. An inspector is expected to be able to make an inspection report and proof that the work carried out meets quality standards.

The report will be used as an acceptance report that is reported to managers and stakeholders.

Instrument and Control Engineer Jobs

This job is the third level. An instrument and control engineer has the task of making designs and specifications based on code standards and engineering practice. The task as an instrument and control engineer is quite challenging. This career requires a high ability to think so it is not surprising if you will find this career with a high enough salary. A career as an instrument and control engineer can start from college with the discipline of electricity or instrumentation and robotics.

Instrument and Control Manager Jobs

This job is the fourth level. An instrumentation and control manager has the task of ensuring all work related to instrument and control is carried out properly matching the target. A manager works and delegates tasks to engineers, inspectors, supervisors, and technicians. A manager’s career requires tactical experience gained from a previous career, ideally, it starts from an engineer.

If you want to get a job in an instrumentation-related discipline then you can start to get competency by joining an instrumentation training class.

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