Modbus Scanner Software

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Modbus is a communication protocol that is widely used to exchange data between PLCs, DCS, and field instruments.

modbus scanner modscan

Modbus scanner software or Modbus master tester is a software used to simulate a Modbus master device in reading and writing commands to the Modbus slave.

In a project, prepare all the equipment before the controller device is sent to the field to do construction is something that must be done. and this is done during the factory acceptance test stage.

Prepare Modbus data communication between controller to controller and controller to instruments by conducting an integration factory acceptance test. This is prepared because it avoids working in the field with more limited conditions both equipment and other resources.

However, often, the integration factory acceptance test (IFAT) is difficult to be performed because it is not possible integrating all equipment into one place due to different suppliers, costs, shipping back and forth and so on.

So, when it uses Modus to collect and send data then the solution is to use the Mobus scanner software or Modbus utility to make sure the Modbus data on each device can be checked for reading and writing commands.

Here are some Modbus scanner software options:

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