MCC Panel Components

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MCC stands for Motor Control Center, as the name, an MCC functions as the control center of the motor. starting from the method of how the motor runs and stops up to monitoring how much current is flowing, the ongoing voltage, and the protection of the motor.

Motors are commonly used as the driver for pumps and compressors so that MCC is always found if there are pumps and compressors.

MCC Panel Components

MCC Panel Components act as a unit to control electric motors. MCC Panel components vary from simple ones to complex. it depends on the designer in achieving the final goal, cost-effective, and profit-oriented.

– Circuit Breakers
– Fuses
– Contactors
– Motor Starter Module s(Star-Delta, Soft Starter, Variable Speed Drive)
– Relay Protections
– Selectors
– Push Buttons
– Pilot Lamps
– Amphere Indicator
– Voltage Indicator

Download : basic of motor control centers from Siemens

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