Mimic Panel : What is this

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Mimic Panel is one of the forms of human machine interface (HMI). Rather than an HMI Led monitor that is made by using software and program then display the mimic of the plant on the screen of LED/ LCD monitor, the mimic panel is made by using hardware and graphical interface printed on the enclosure/ panel plate.

The mimic panel is commonly used on fire and gas, electrical, emergency and process control systems. The differences between mimic display using HMI led monitors and mimic panels are the mimic display using HMI led monitors and using communication protocols like Modbus to connect to the controller, but the mimic panel is using direct hardwire to connect to the controller.

In the modern plant, this may not be used in process control system but it is replaced by a mimic display by using HMI or SCADA monitor in which we can find more interactive monitoring and alarm system.

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