Annunciator Panel

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An annunciator panel is a device consist of a grouped alarm indicator. Usually, it is installed on the door of PLC Panel or it may have a dedicated enclosure.

In the process control, it is now rare to use an annunciator panel as an alarm indicator system because it is replaced by graphical HMI Monitors. Although, it is still used for safety or fire and gas alarm system.

Annunciator Panel Wiring Diagram

Annunciator panel makers usually offer some signal connection, some of those are using hardwire and Modbus by using RS 232/ RS 485 wiring. The annunciator panel wiring diagram is varying according to the Manufacturer. It should be provided in the purchase package.

The function of annunciator panels is to remind operators for the emergence of unnormal process operation then operators can acknowledge the alarm the reset them when the operation return to normal.

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