Instrument Junction Box

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The instrument junction box has a high role in the scope of instrumentation work. this junction box has several functions, namely for enclosure of terminal strips and enclosure of instruments (power supply and other electrical devices).

A simple instrument junction box only contains terminal strips to connect cables and is needed for connecting several cables from a field device (single pair cables) to multi-pair cables to the control panel.

A more complex instrument junction box may contain any power supply, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), terminal strips, surge arresters, and other supporting devices that are usually needed to be installed locally.

instrument junction boxes are available in various types and materials. The choice of this type is adjusted to the location of placement.
For example, for placement in a hazardous area offshore a junction box with explosion-proof or flameproof type “ex e or ex d” will be required and Ingress protection IP 66 for environment protection with aluminum or stainless steel material.

Instrument Junction Box Manufacturer

There are many brands you can find out there and here are some of them that usually we use on our projects, they are:

  • – BARTEC
  • – STAHL

Other than brands above you still can use other brands as long as they are certified according to type you need.

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