Pressure Switch Connection Guide: Hook Up Drawing and MTO

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Pressure switch connection guide to connect the circuits or the cables to the terminals so that it can perform as needed.

Here, the case is using explosion proof pressure switch from Neo-Dyn, by using an example, we will show you what bulk materials needed and the hook up then finally the pressure switch connection.
For you know that default offer of some brands, pressure switch comes with fly (free) leads. This needs you to add another part to install correctly, a junction box.
Yes, you need additional junction box, fortunately though, brands like Neo-Dyn and SOR provide order options for this.

Pressure Switch Connection

Here is the schematic of the pressure switch connection for SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) type.

Hook Up Drawing

Here is the hook up for pressure switch installation complete with a junction box for neat cable termination.

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