Megger Test Motor: Why and How We need to do

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Megger test motor is a test that held to the motor winding. Megger test is actually the insulation test, many people call this test as “Megger Test” because many testers use brand Megger. Even so, actually, you can use insulation testers with other brands, there are many brands available on the market.

Termination of Megger Test Motor

Back to the megger test motor. The purpose of the test is to know the insulation condition of the winding when it is given a voltage. Just bear in mind, the philosophy of the test is you need to test the winding by using voltage above the operating voltage. The higher voltage can be held by the insulation of the winding then the motor will withstand for the higher transient voltage.

When you are running the motor, the current will flow along the winding wires and the voltage is applied between the winding wire and the body. if the insulation of the winding is not good then it potentially can happen short circuit from the winding to the body and the worst the winding gets burn that leads to fire.

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The megger test motor, for you the purchaser needs to hold this at the seller warehouse to assure the quality of the motor before you bring home. at least the seller has a megger test report as the quality control to give to you. Maybe some of you do not mind this because there is a warranty letter for a year ahead. However, if the problem appears when you already at home, of course, this is fretful to back to the shop.

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