Instrument Specification Document

Instrument specification is one of the instrument deliverable documents. some of you may think why it is there while there is instrument data sheet that is more directly point to a device that you want to install to your project.

This is important to know the philosophy of engineering sequence or life cycle. Especially if you are working on oil & gas or absolutely will be beneficial and effective in other industrial environments. You will be able to solve your problem easier by following the philosophy of engineering sequence.

Ok, in short, the philosophy is you need to specify generally what instrument you or your system need and make it as an instrument specification document, after that you will be able to create the instrument data sheet easily by following the specification document than you directly create the instrument datasheet.

Yeah, if you are going to run an oil & gas project, you will find that instrument specification and instrument data sheet are different documents. Instrument specification is a document which generally limits the boundary of the instrument. However, the information in the datasheet is significantly extra detail and enough further explicit to suit the application.

The next sample presents how the specification and data sheet state regarding instrument range:
In the specification, you will find: “The range of pressure gauge must be chosen so that normal operating is between the middle of third of the range”.

in the data sheet, you will find: Operating Pressure = 600 psig, Range = 0 – 1200 psig”.

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