Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable for Oil and Gas

The very top of oil and gas business is safety. There is a popular adage in oil and gas world “This is not worth it if you get big profit but go home in partial condition”.

According to safety, Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable for oil and gas is sitting in the list that take a part of safety concern. Common cable insulation that is made by material formed by halogen particles when it is burnt by fire, it will generate toxic smoke. The smoke contains particles that absolutely danger for people who breathe it and can causing fatality.

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According to this concern, the disciplines which responsible to implement are instrument and electrical engineering. The instrument and electrical engineers should make sure the cable meets the requirement. To make sure the cable supplied by vendor is the low smoke zero halogen cable, the engineers should check the cable meets standard IEC 60754 for Halogen content and IEC 61034 for Low Smoke content.

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