How to Download .INF Printer Driver

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This article show you “how to download .inf printer driver“. If you installed printer on a computer and shared it to a network to enable it could be accessed by other computer with different OS version especially Windows then you need to add or install the printer driver for different Windows version in .INF file format.

Why does the driver have to in .INF format? because Windows only allow .INF format of driver!

Download .INF Printer Driver

This way of .INF driver works for Canon, HP, Epson, Brothers, Lexmark and other printers.

Step 1
Download the official driver in .exe

Step 2
You need to have WinRar software installed on your computer to be able doing this step

Step 3
After you have WinRar in your computer. Right click the printer driver that you have downloaded (.exe) and select extract. The folder result of extract contain .INF Printer driver

Video How to Download .INF Printer Driver

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